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  1. Federal election constitutional monarchy – is a governmental form of rule in Malaysia. The country is divided on the 13 states and on the 3 federal type of territories. Rajas and sultans – are the heads of territories, and their titles are inherited. Every five years the sultans are choosing the king. King has a nominal power. In fact, Prime Minister and Parliament are ruling the country.

In Malaysia, use, possession and distribution of drugs – is punishable by death.

  1. Malaysia has the unique inhabitants of jungle – the walking trees. Tree roots are drawn from the middle of the trunk and slowly moving underground in search of water. During the year the tree can “pass” to a few meters.
  2. The capital of Malaysia – is Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur – is the largest city in the country, which is the financial and commercial center of Malaysia . In addition, Kuala Lumpur – this is the greenest capital of the whole of Asia. Large avenues and all the streets are planted with a dense wall of greenery. The city has an amazing feature here huge modern skyscrapers stand near the ancient temples. In the capital, many attractions , among which stands out the oldest mosque in Malaysia – Masjid Dzheynek , as well as the largest Hindu temple in the country – Sri Mahamariamman. Also, in Kuala Lumpur you can visit: the National Museum and the famous double skyscraper “Petronas Towers” (height is 452 meters).
  3. Only 50% of the total population are the indigenous Malays. The remaining 50% are belong to the people of various nationalities.
  4. Sarawak Chamber is the largest natural grotto in the natural cave in the world. Sarawak Chamber is a part of the Lubanga Nasib Bagus cave. The cave is located on the Borneo Island, Malaysia, Sarawak. Dimensions of the grotto are: width is 415 m, length is 600 m, height is 100m. In Sarawak Chamber, 50 aircrafts Boeing 747-200 can accommodate.
  5. Malaysia is a country of hardworking people, there is not a lot of holidays.
  6. Friendliness – is a distinctive feature of the Malaysian nation. All tourists say that the attitude was good-natured towards them, which makes more positive the experience of visiting this country.
    There are many religions in Malaysia. The main religion – is Islam.
  7. Most of the population are speak English, especially the young people.
  8. In Malaysia, there is the lowest death rate with respiratory diseases in the world. It is about 7.5 cases per 100 000 people. Although, people smoke here no less, than in other countries.
  9. In Malaysia, was caught the biggest king cobra in the world – its length was 5 m 71 cm.
  10. Menara TV Tower in the capital of Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) is ranked the 4th place in the world in height and the first place on the same indicator in Asia.
  11. For some time, in Malaysian schools teach such a wonderful school subject, as the design of racing cars for “Formula 1″ racing.
  12. In Malaysian national cuisine, the main ingredient for garnish is rice. It is fried with vegetables or boiled in broth, thereby giving it a certain color and taste. The popular dish here – is “nasi Lemak”. Nasi Lemak is rice cooked in coconut milk with adding of the sauce, greens, eggs and cucumbers. Vegetables are used in almost every dish.
  13. Malaysia is well known for its dishes of fruits, it is superior in that even India, which is famous for its unusual fruit dishes. In Malaysia grows a large amount of fruit , many of them are not known in Europe, and some of fruits have unusual taste and smell, but it does not stop the tourists who want to try something new.
  14. Meat dishes prepared very rarely, usually on celebrations and festivities, because Malaysia is not rich in cattle. Famous meat dish – “rendang” is very tasty. Rendang is prepared from meat, stewed in coconut milk with spices.
    One of the favorite dishes of the inhabitants of Malaysia – is Nasi Kandar. Rice with curry and chicken (or fish). Dish has Indian roots.
  15. Bridge between the mainland and the island of Penang is the third largest in length in Asia. Its length is 13.7 km.
  16. National currency of Malaysia – is Ringgit. $ 1 is approximately equal to 3.4 ringgits.
  17. Malaysian island – Sipadan is one of the most popular places in the world for diving. This island is very beautiful.
  18. In Malaysia lives cute miniature bear (Sunny Bear). Sunny Bears eat bananas.
  19. In Malaysia you can see a Bear-cat. Bear-cat is an animal with a mix of these two animals. This animal is very nice and unusual.
  20. The largest flower in the world is grows in Malaysia. The largest flower’s name – is Rafflesia. Rafflesia is more, than one meter in diameter and its weigh is a couple dozen pounds. Unfortunately, rafflesia has unpleasant smell.
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