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Our Story

At Somans, we believe that every journey brings in an experience, and we are here to provide you, your wants. As a premium tour operator based in the vibrant and diverse land of India, we take pride in planning your travel experiences that go nationally and internationally. Established with a passion for travel and a commitment to every travel dreamer, Somans has been fulfilling the dreams into reality for more than 27 Years now. Our founders, as travelers themselves, founded a company that would not just offer tours but create lasting memories for every traveler who chooses to explore the incredible landscapes, rich cultures, and historical treasures. Our authentic experience, worked-up management skills and expert guidance helped us provide the dreamt vacation to 150000+ travelers. Turn your travel aspirations into reality with Somans and let the creativity of the world be seen.

M.K. Soman

What Our MD Says

I feel travel is not just a movement from one place to another; it's a transformative journey that opens your eyes to new experiences, cultures and joyousness of the unseen world. As the Managing Director, it is both an honor and a privilege to provide the guidance that makes your vacation a dream come true. With this event, explore the world with the absolute guidance and the experience of the experts. At Somans we don't just organize tours, we make sure you live in it well. Whether you're traversing the bustling streets of Bengaluru, or at the architectural wonders of any corner, each experience will be worth your time.

Dr. P Ravindranath

Director's Message

At Somans, we are passionate about travel and dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients. With a wealth of experience in the tourism industry, we strive to exceed your expectations and create memories that last a lifetime. Whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion, we have the perfect itinerary for you. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on customer satisfaction, we aim to make your travel dreams a reality. Join us on a journey of discovery and let Somans Leisure Tours be your trusted partner in exploring the world's wonders.

Our Vision
The vision is to let everyone explore their dream places by creating an opportunity through this event. Through our experience we look into providing solutions to the questions that travelers have while making the plans or exploring the places.
Our Mission
At Somans, our mission is to make the exploration of dream places a tangible reality for everyone. We are dedicated to creating unique and inclusive events that serve as gateways to the world, providing opportunities for individuals from all walks of life to enjoy their dream locations with complete guidance and support.
People are at the heart of what we do. Meet the team who make soman’s great.
Mohammed Zameel K A
Vice President
Triveni S
Associate Vice President - Airlines & Ticketing
Nikhina Ajay
Assistant Vice President - Sales
Jacquiline Xavier
Associate Vice President- Finance
Atly Antony
Assistant Vice President - Sales
Tito Sunny
General Manager - Visa
Anosh Joy
General Manager - FIT
Ashiq Rahman.P
Dy. General Manager - Logistics
Dy. General Manager - Human Resource & Admin
Hariprasad. P
Regional Manager - Sales
Jis Joy Thottan
Regional Manager - Sales
Anand Krishnan. M
Dy. General Manager- Sales
Sibin Sudhakaran
Dy. General Manager - Sales
Priya R. Nair
Manager- Sales
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